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Top 10 Ocean Tech Europe Solution Companies - 2020

The state of sea exploration is fast changing. The dark, high-pressure conditions of the ocean depths that once made research impossible are now being explored with cutting-edge technology. One of the recent discoveries made in the field of deep-ocean exploration is the proliferation of biofluorescence in the darkest parts of the sea. Realms that look pitch black to human eyes are, in fact, filled with more than 250 species of fish that glow in red, orange, and green hues. To detect this effect, researchers have built a camera that filters out certain wavelengths of light. Combined with artificial blue light to enhance the fluorescent colour, this equipment allows scientists to record the light show of these fishes. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), which is a computer-controlled system operating undersea, is another technology that is changing ocean exploration. AUVs are unmanned underwater robots akin to the Curiosity rover NASA uses on Mars. AUVs have no physical connection to their operator, who may be onshore or aboard a ship. Rather, AUVs are self-guiding and self-powered vehicles that can glide from the sea surface to ocean depths and back.

That is not all. The latest invention in ocean exploration is a cyborg jellyfish—half-jellyfish, half-robot—that can swim nearly three times faster than a regular jellyfish, and which one day can be remotely steered to collect information from deep ocean waters. Scientists are currently working on refining the device to collect data such as water temperature, salinity, pH and other measures.

Ocean technology is not a new market but it has been somewhat overlooked. The silver lining is that companies can now take advantage of the relatively limited interest in the world’s seas, by developing entirely new products. Highlighting such new technological developments in the ocean tech market, Enterprise Technology Review has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Ocean Tech Companies in Europe – 2020’that are making waves in ocean technology. The enlisted organisations are transforming the ocean research operations at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Enterprise Technology Review’s, “Top 10 Ocean Tech Companies in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Ocean Tech Europe Solution Companies

  • Aqua Comms envisions building, acquiring or merging with subsea fibre-optic cable networks to provide capacity networking solutions to customers that require exceptional reliability and performance. The company strongly focuses on subsea networks in the North Atlantic market and offers fibre-optic cable networks that enable Trans-Atlantic connectivity for global carriers, cloud-based networks, data centers, IT companies, and the global media. The comprehensive range of services that Aqua Comms offers includes the planning, implementation and supply of fibre pairs, spectrum, and capacity services to the global media, content and carrier markets. As the demand for higher capacity, greater reach, and network flexibility rise among web-scale and content providers, Aqua Comms is aligning its interests along the same lines by pushing the barriers of technology on its networks, extending its existing systems, and building new cable routes

  • OceanTech is a technology-driven company that holds a major experience and proven track record in the splash zone. The company provide services in the difficult accessible splash zone where divers and ROV’s have difficulty to work. As the remotely operated access solutions are launched from the structure, platform, wind turbine or bridge, it reduces the costs and CO2 emissions by minimising the need for support vessels, ROVs and divers. OceanTech’s technology is absolutely perfect for the offshore wind, aquaculture, transport and maritime sectors, as well as the oil & gas industry

  • Designs and develops OWAC systems for buildings, enabling them to save on AC energy consumption costs while also producing cleaner, greener, environmental-friendly indoor environments. Omega Engineering’s operational approach allows it to make the best possible use of available natural resources for the maximum benefit of clients and the community as a whole. As most conventional methods of energy storage and distribution do not substantially minimize the economic constraints for most building owners, the aim was to develop a plan to improve the performance of the OWAC system using a natural resource.

  • For over 30 years, Sab Seaeye has been inspired to develop pioneering innovative solutions for the underwater environment. With substantial tank-test and lake-test facilities in the UK, U.S, and Sweden, Saab Seaeye has well laid out their presence worldwide. More than 80 percent of its systems are exported to international markets that are present all over the world, in 25 different countries. In all of the market sectors, Saab Seaeye’s robotic systems are found to solve the demanding tasks of observation, inspection, survey, repair and maintenance, light construction and intervention, deep tunnel, and environment monitoring

  • SubMarine Open Technologies offers a low-cost solution based on USBL technology and is aimed to be of use for beginners as well as experts in diving. Divers can move faster, record, view, and share points of interest while they are diving deep in the ocean, sea, or any other water body. The equipment is made in such a way that during immersion, a diver can download a map and display the points of interest he had saved offline or during a previous dive. Also, locating each diver is not a matter of concern as the system allows positioning up to 30 divers for each buoy. Each diver gets to see his own position and the location of other divers

  • Aquatec


    Aquatec Group creates innovative instruments and solutions to measure, monitor, and communicate underwater data. Aquatec’s innovative ocean and environmental product range has been providing reliable, precision data to commercial and academic organisations across the world for many years, with instruments supplied to every continent and in every major ocean. Whether designing, supplying and commissioning cathodic protection monitoring systems, or providing the pre-commissioning industry with instruments and systems to simplify and speed up monitoring, Aquatec combines a continuing drive for innovation with reliability, resulting in world-class solutions

  • Eco Wave Power

    Eco Wave Power

    Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer, headquartered in Israel. Eco Wave Power is the only wave energy company to ever win the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award. According to Frost & Sullivan, “Eco Wave Power efficiently handles the prominent challenges prevailing in the field and offers an all-round solution for effective energy harvesting. The company has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from ocean and sea waves and converting it into electricity. Such technology enables to deliver effective, sustainable, practical, feasible and affordable wave energy solutions, which are responsive to the needs of local communities, cities, and countries globally wide

  • MacArtney Underwater Technology Group

    MacArtney Underwater Technology Group

    The MacArtney Group supplies products and engineering solutions to the worldwide Underwater Technology Market. MacArtney understands the market demand for advanced technology and considers it as a responsibility to keep astride of these advances without any compromise, indeed it is essential to enable us to offer the best solutions. The Headquarter of the Group is located in Esbjerg on the West Coast of Denmark - home to MacArtney A/S since it started in 1978, and still the main hub, providing logistical, technical, financial and marketing support to all of the companies within the Group

  • Subsea Technologies

    Subsea Technologies

    Subsea Technologies are a fresh approach to offshore engineering. The company specialises in subsea pressure equipment specialists and we design and manufacture a range of class-leading proprietary subsea products including our unique XR Connector and the multi-purpose SLIC Connector. Subsea's Aberdeen-based team also works with its oil and gas clients to develop equipment tailored to meet specific subsea engineering challenges, including the design and manufacture of well control, well intervention and subsea production systems, application-specific connectors, structures, and pressure containment systems

  • Valeport


    Valeport is an independently owned manufacturer of Oceanographic & Hydrometric Equipment and Instrumentation. Based in the South West UK since it was established in 1969, its current research, design and manufacturing centre is located alongside the River Dart in Totnes, Devon. From the outset Valeport has expanded its product range and developed a strong reputation within the industry for high quality, reliable Oceanographic & Hydrometric equipment. Largely self-sufficient in its design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Valeport is able to offer a wide portfolio of solutions, available through a global distribution network, for the Ocean Engineering, Marine Conservation & Research, Oil & Gas Exportation and Defence sectors